Thursday, February 10, 2011

There are many examples of the bitterness and rancour in the AFC.

Baldeo Mathura: Mr. SASENARINE Singh of the AFC must stop playing with words. I read the Chronicle article “Trotman sees little hope in the AFC at elections” and have been listening to the sagas in the AFC. All is not well in that party. You don’t need to be a scientist to tell. There is serious confusion and in-fighting among the AFC top brass. Raphael Trotman is absolutely dissatisfied with the nonsense around him. But we accept he will try to save face because they want to avoid the public embarrassment. If Trotman is into AFC in a big way (quote) why did he decline being the prime ministerial candidate under Ramjattan. Make up your minds how could he be in AFC in a big way when he claims to be having health problems. What nonsense is Singh trying to force on us Guyanese?
The Guyana Chronicle has published a number of stories on the AFC and PNCR which are supported by facts like the secret meeting AFC/PNCR had with Hartley Henry of Barbados, like the resistance of Trotman to rotate the presidential candidacy, which is one of the main sources of fallout between him and Ramjattan.
Trotman criticised and lambasted Ramjattan at a New York meeting lamenting that Ramjattan is unsuitable for the position because he only bought in six votes from Berbice in the 2006 elections.
We expect Sasenarine to defend his new found political allies but not in a way that diverts from the truth and facts.
There are so many examples of the bitterness and rancour within the AFC. Goumattie Singh, Peter Ramsaroop, Gehad Ramsaroop, Sixtus Edwards among others.


  1. The bitterness within the AFC will never end since both Trotman and Ramjattan are power hungry and neither of them want to be in second place

  2. Both Trotman and Ramjattan left the party that they were apart of to start there own party since they had no say in the parties that they were apart of before merge and started there own party.Now that they have manage to start there own party Trotman still have no say and that upset him .