Friday, February 4, 2011

Freddie Kissoon Shit-soon's call for chaos chided.

Lancelot G Wills: At the time of penning this concern, 86 persons have died in Egypt as a result of the demonstrations that turned violent, aimed at overthrowing the President, Hosni Mubarak.
Let me forthrightly say that Mr. Kissoon is entitled to his view as expressed in his Kaieteur News article of February 3: “Will the Velvet Revolution in the Arab world reach Guyana” and that I respect.
What I do not support is his call to act in similar manner as obtains in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere in the Arab world where the death toll in itself ignites passions of resistance.
We may not have a Freedom of Information Act as yet, but with freedom of speech exercised the way Mr. Kissoon espouses, its delay may be justified in the interest of the nation, Just remember the Rwandan genocide. The esteemed professor’s call must be the subject of discussion at the Ethnic Relations Committee in this polarized nation, and the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting given the ethnic configuration of the divide.
The polls are the instrument through which change is effected in matured and civilised societies. With reformation of the polling system, its adaptation to local circumstances, taking on board the peculiarities of nationhood, comes the possibility of a majority of citizens of a particular country influencing the decisions and policies adumbrated therein. The vigilance of the opposition parties cannot be overlooked in that scheme of things.
Election year and the reminder of a possible transfer of power engenders a vibrancy and enthusiasm which is unparalleled in the years prior to the polls, and ego and unbridled lust for power manifest themselves in ways that “maketh the angels weep.” The methods employed in attaining power are thereafter justified by their means and the cycle recommences. Such is the trend here in Guyana, with which I am concerned.
No man is perfect, no government moreso. The degree to which change may be influenced is a reflection of how effective a participant the opposition is and the incumbent party open-minded. It has taken quite a toll and some lost ground for the Israeli-Palestine conflict to make clear the picture of “man without land, so let’s kill each other which will only result in land without man”. That, my country men, is the logical outcome of the reactive mode of acquisition.
Today I will fight for the country of my birth in order to enjoy the benefits that can possibly be derived as a Guyanese, not as a dead citizen. And God forbid my grandchildren in their haste to chasten or judge may say I was selfish, but will come to understand, yet civil and patriotic. I agree that will take time, time for them to grow and then mature and possibly experience an evolution of views, the kind of time I crave we invest in our quest for the optimum public good.
We must not mourn the loss of a single countryman in this process, especially since as the intended beneficiary to him the spoil will be of no use.

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  1. With this view this man dont want betterment for this country.He prefer to see Guyana sinking to nothing than to see the continue progress that is currently going on in Guyana.