Monday, February 14, 2011

'No Faith in Faith"-Basil Williams supporters urge

Pro-Basil Williams posters around Georgetown

A series of posters urging PNCR members not to support Presidential nominee Faith Harding have been posted in an around the capital city by supporters of fellow Presidential nominee Basil Williams.
One paragraph reads "there's hardly anything Faith(Harding) can offer Guyana and the PNCR". We have learnt that since the circulation of these posters came to light relations between the two which was once cordial have strained.


  1. Battle within the PNC for the position as the leader of the party.

  2. Who is fate and where did she come from.How can people have faith in faith when her party members dont have faith in faith.

  3. Lol.....well some people don't even know faith and this must be why this has come out and dont know why political parties just stop fight among themselves cause no matter who they choose there 1 choice that every1 is comfortable with

  4. War of the Titans! PNC isn’t taking left in this internal war thing for leadership position too. They and the AFC getting on bad man, only difference is AFC using poison and PNC using flyers... Lol... This is too funny.