Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Opposition presentations speaks of a group in disarray with no agreed position & no coherent policy position-Singh

Speaking during the conclusion of the Budget 2011 debate in parliament last night Finance Minister Ashni Singh in a part of his presentation directed at the opposition said, “Notwithstanding much of what you said was disagreed with and debunked by this side of the House, I will say that I thank you for your contributions, particularly because of the manner I regard the opportunity of the debate in the democracy. It is an occasion like few others for members of the House to outline for the nation their assessment and their view of regional development, how they shape opportunities, the macro-economic stance by Government, and to proffer alternative plans as an alternative government, and the policies to realize that vision.”
“We did not hear anything of the kinds of things we would in a serious debate. To those members who did make suggestions, I will say to those members thank you, and I will [advise the members on this side of the House to listen],” he said.
The Minister said that Corbin gave an assemblage of incoherent, belligerent, opportunistic misrepresentations, instead of offering credible arguments of what he thought should be done differently.
Referring to the trend he observed over the last days, the minister said that there is a serious contradiction in saying that the budget is an elections budget and that it had nothing for anybody.
“This hodgepodge speaks of an opposition in disarray, no commonly agreed position, no coherent policy position,” he said.
He added it is important for the people to see and draw their own conclusions. “It is important that these responses be put on public display. I thank members of the Opposition for disclosing their state of affairs,” he said.


  1. With the budget being good one for every Guyanese the opposition with a chance to gain some mileage made some speech which has nun to help contribute to some issues to have things go different they object to every,showing that they have less interest into the live of the citizens.....

  2. This is due to the Party’s uninformed members (Joan, et al…) and ignorance on the subject matter... They know to themselves it is indeed a great budget for 2011 but due to their “bad mind” nature the trying all around to disagree... Everybody in the PNC just looking out for themselves and is reflecting very fiercely in this situation…