Friday, February 18, 2011

PNCR Region 10 Chairman a suspect in RDC robberyt.

Mortimer Mingo

Police are working on a theory that the torching of a safe and theft of $5.4M yesterday morning at the Region 10 R.D.C office is an inside job and as such the Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo is being viewed as a prime suspect.
Sources in the Police Force have told us that detectives are examining the way the theft was committed as the thieves seem to have immense knowledge of the operations of the Finance Dept. of the RDC. Four safes are located in close proximity to the one broken into yet the perpetrators only troubled the one containing the cash as well as $3M in cheques. The bandits also used a torch which was reported missing from the RDC a few weeks prior. Usually such large sums are not kept in the RDC safe but persons found it strange that the monies were left there at the insistence of the Regional Chairman. The Regional Chairman also made huge advances to several contractors for development works that in some cases have not commenced work in an effort to avoid having to return the same as 'unused funds' to the national treasury at the end of each financial year.


  1. From reading about this story it seem that it had to be a inside job indeed but now reading this its clear and it just show that the PNC and its members are just to rob the nation of its money..smh

  2. Within the PNC Party it has always been about fulfilling selfish gains and desires, greed and corruption. They care nothing about the betterment of the Guyanese people and they just seek top positions to thief as much as they can...