Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kaieteur News caught lieing 3 times during last week

THE Kaieteur News newspaper continues its gross misreporting on government issues, and Health Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy had cause last week to respond to two instances, a spokesman said yesterday. In a letter, Ramsammy rejected assertions of inappropriate procurement practices by the Ministry of Health made by the Kaieteur News in two articles -- one on Wednesday February 16 in a headline story stating that the New GPC outbid another supplier by $335M, and in a follow-up story on February 17 asserting that the tender for which these two companies submitted bids was never advertised.
“Both stories are false, and a total misrepresentation of the truth. In short, they represent either total ignorance of what took place, or deliberate mischievousness on the part of Kaieteur News. I believe Kaieteur News embarked on a path of misrepresentation in these instances because they know the truth and instead of telling the stories with the truth, they sought to present them as examples of inappropriate government behaviour,” Ramsammy said.
“The Ministry of Health supports and promotes the right of citizens to know and have access to information. In addition, we support the work of the media in informing people, and we believe strongly the media has a responsibility to accurately inform people and not to mislead people,” he added.
But the minister stated: “It is our position that the misinformation peddled in the two stories is a deliberate effort to misinform people and fits an agenda of anti-government mischief.”
Other Cabinet Ministers and President Bharrat Jagdeo have recently deplored the deliberate misinformation campaign being waged by the Kaieteur News.
Mr. Omadatt Chandan, Corporate Secretary of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), last week also took issue with a Kaieteur News editorial on the Hope Canal project.
He said that major developmental projects being implemented by the government “have all been negatively criticised” by the Kaieteur News, “leading one to believe that there is some sinister motive – either political, or the fulfilling of a personal agenda.”
He reiterated that with regard to the newspaper’s claim that the government has undertaken the Hope Canal project “against the advice of every engineer in sight (and some out of sight),” studies by local and international experts have all agreed that such an outlet is necessary to alleviate the adverse effects of climate change, particularly on the East Coast of Demerara, Mahaica and Mahaicony areas.
According to a government spokesman, media houses have a duty to ensure their reporting is in keeping with basic and honoured journalist policies, including accuracy, fairness and balance but the Kaieteur News is blatantly violating these for its own purposes.


  1. What’s new for an agency that has no morals, values and ethics in which they base their publishing on? Sometimes I wonder if they have a proof reader at KN. It doesn't seem so at all due to the number of shit these people publish daily and not to mention numerous grammatical errors... I would love to see the day KN gets thrown out of business! They are just an eye and ear soar when the day comes. Smh!

  2. KN news paper is deliberately delivering misleading information to the public.

  3. This is definitely no mistake made by the News paper,they prefer to peddle the misleading articles so as to give the wrong impression to the public and make the party that they are supporting look good.

  4. KN news is doing just as the opposition that they support does. the thing is that the lies that they keep peddling show the people that is how corrupt the oppositions are.

  5. Will they ever put the right stories for the public to know or only when people show that they are pedaling lies.more and more they are showing the poor journalism.

  6. Wow well they ever stop with their lies.since im on here have seen report of KN misleading the public on a daily basis.