Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PNCR presidential nominee makes indecent proposal to Kaieteur News reporter.

-Newspaper owner threatens misinformation campaign in response

PNCR Presidential nominee Basil Williams

Kaieteur News owner Glen Lall called a meeting of his staff slated for today at 1:00 PM after a reporter attached to the media house reported a conversation between herself and PNCR Presidentiale nominee Basil Williams. During the conversation Williams also made an offer to perform oral sex on the reporter among other things.
He (Williams) even expressed his disgust at not being given enough coverage by Kaieteur News while warning the reporter to be mindful of Glen Lall's engagement in illegal activities such as back tracking and drug running.

After hearing of the discussion an upset Glen Lall telephoned Williams and threatened to unleash a waive of misinformation whilst reminding him of similar acts done to Kwame Mc Coy. Today's meeting is to decide on a concerted strategy to deal with Williams.


  1. Well this is not the first since he is always driving around hunting girls to have sex with him and now i guess he made the wrong mistake.

  2. OMG....well you know that he gon be a target for KN now but Basil is always doing this is time that he stop with this thing

  3. Guess they that Glen called a meeting to formulate a plan to make Basil a target.......But basil look for what is coming to him since he always after young females.

  4. Hehe…Like Basil get "chronic penis in the air syndrome"... This man is something else, I really don't know why he even in the race for president. Oh yes, maybe to be in a position to take or threaten young girls' jobs if they don't agree to sleep with his nasty ass. On the other hand, Glen and his KN gang going to do what they do best and start a massive scandal. This is too funny, they say set a thief to catch a thief… True true story!