Friday, February 25, 2011

Protesters picket AFC

-one assaulted by Mark Benschop

Anti-AFC picketers today vent their frustrations outside the party's 4th Street Campbellville office, even as one of their colleagues was assaulted by Mark Benschop.
The picketers held the AFC to account for their lies about the party's financiers as well as questioned the credibility of the party's 2011 Presidential candidate, Khemraj Ramjattan.

Benschop repeatedly chucked and pointed his fingers at one of the picketers and hastily retreated when challenged by the said individual. A report was later made at the Kitty Police station and police are said to be investigating the matter.


  1. Mark staging protest in front of the office of the president and no one dont push home but he doing this to people when they people dont have rite to protest anymore unless is for him.

  2. who give mark the rite to harass people from is only rite when you are protesting for him or any party that is against the government.

  3. Mark get big and powerful that these people picketing peaceful and he want beat people.the people are there just like how they want to hear their views

  4. They should throw his ass in jail for assault cause them is want do and people must just watch