Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mashramani 2011- a cacophony of resplendent colours

-event a huge success

One of the Ministry of Health’s costume

Part of the Tourism Ministry’s float

A costume of the Ministry of Public Service

Guyanese camping out on Merriman’s Mall to view the Mash float parade as it moved along Church Street

Region Six’s float- representing the Berbice River Bridge


  1. Upon reflection of Guyana’s history, we have crossed many hurdles economically and socially and have been making tremendous developmental strides over the years under the PPP/C Government since 92. We have seen the construction of key bridges in the country, the Harbour Bridge, the Berbice Bridge and the Takatu Bridge, with a host of projects still on the way. During the years Guyana has been placed on the world map with recognition for our forest (LCDS) and also with our promising and growing Tourism Industry. However with these and more, Guyana is still on the road to becoming a developed country as one people, one nation, one destiny and we are in good pace. Happy 41st Republic Anniversary Guyana!

  2. Guyana has manage to see many development under the PPP government from housing development to infrastructure and also bridge linking to neighboring countries.