Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confusion surrounds PNC Presidential candidate elections-3rd recount ordered

Plenty confusion surrounds the elections to nominate the PNC 2011 Presidential candidate. After two rounds of counting Faith Harding received 20 votes, James Bond 13, Basil Williams 88, David Granger 279 and Carl Greenidge 254. However there are widespread claims of rigging and voter manipulation and a female delegate was slapped by a supporter of David Granger over her refusal to vote for Granger.

Up to this time a request for a 3rd recount was made by Aubrey Norton.


  1. The corruption already start within the PNC for this year election.

  2. IF there is corruption and rigging within the party to chose there presidential candidate we have to be careful at this year general election cause the rigging has already started

  3. Nothing don't be fair once the PNC is involve they even rigged party's election when well this end