Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kaieteur News defecates AGAIN!

-Which government purchases computers from E-Bay?

Kaieteur News in an obvious attempt at saving face is at it again on the subject of those 20 computers purchased by Office of the President. On this occasion they have resorted to quoting prices from E-Bay. Anyone with the most limited knowledge of internet shopping will tell you that E-Bay is a site where persons sell unwanted or rare items in limited amounts. Usually its just one item and on most occasions a potential buyer has to outbid other potential buyers in order to make an actual purchase. So Kaieteur News is suggesting that the government of Guyana should've undergone such a procedure in order to purchase those 20 computers.

Kaieteur News then stated, "Office of the President, by its admission, had also bought five Lenovo G560 computers for use by the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) office at a cost of US$699 each, when those systems could be sourced for at least US$430."
However the newspaper must also state where it can be located at the cost it mentioned since checks by this site have found that the prices are either similar, US$30 lower or higher. Or could it be that they're suggesting the government make these purchases from E-Bay also?

Kaieteur News must also stop with the laziness and its apparent haste to be sensational. On this occasion details used for the very Kaieteur News article were obtained from a letter sent for publication by one Harry Gill. KN used the info without verifying any of its contents.


  1. Well using some one else letter to make a point is not surprising cause KN normal uses others stories in their dailies.....again again this is really poor journalism by KN news cause they don't do no investigation into their stories

  2. How these idiots expect the government to buy second hand equipment for there office.There is no way in the world where the government go on E-bay to buy any equipment for use in any of there offices,any project or for any government use at all.

  3. The kn news want the government to buy the laptop on E-bay then the gone publish and article stating that the government collecting millions for projects and buying second hand equipment.

  4. I despise the mere existence of KN much less their work! These people are so ridiculous and deserve nothing but a huge fine for “repeated and chronic” misinformation and a boot out of business. Why is it they can't for once do some proper research and deliver some credible news to the public? I want to know at times if these people are Guyanese. It doesn't seem so because instead of publishing progressive movements and developments being made around the country they try instead to make Guyana look like a "dead island” or "anyhow country" to those abroad that access their stupid website daily.

  5. KN seems to forget that the same people they are supporting today were the same people that had ties with the people that murdered their pressmen

  6. What about the moco moco hydro power project where guyanese cannot visit because the chinese contrls it for illegal runnings in smuggling chinese to brazil. Ministers are paid very large sums to do nothing about it.