Friday, February 18, 2011

AFC sources of financing under scrutiny again.

-following revelations that Sasenarine Singh lied.

AFC Executive member Cathy Hughes receiving a donation
on the party's behalf from Bramma's Brother.

A letter writer in yesterday's edition of the Kaieteur News called to scrutiny the AFC's questionable sources of financing when he highlighted the following:

Sasenarine Singh is at it again in his usual dishonest, race baiting and tricksters style. He wrote a letter (14-2-2011 Kaieteur News) saying, “Thank you Malcolm Harripaul, and all the hundreds of others who donated tens of thousands of US dollars to the AFC in Queens New York on Friday Night (11-2-2011).”
This letter is titled, “There is nothing treacherous about displacing the PNCR and PPP.” The same day there was a letter in the same newspapers by Malcolm Harripaul stating, “While it is true that I have many friends in the AFC, including its presidential candidate Khemraj Ramjattan, I am not a member, nor supporter of the AFC. I never expressed support for the AFC. However, I do wish them well.”

Following the publication of the letter several questions have arisen which relate to the source of those "tens of thousands of US dollars" Singh referred to.
One such question being; why was Singh forced to lie about an alleged source?
For a party with only a few years running under its belt the AFC have been noted to expend huge sums of money on full page ads in the Trinidad Guardian as well as locally, billboard advertising, TV advertising etc; all at sizable costs for such a small party.
Then there were allegations that the party receives funding from several underworld drug figures that includes cocaine-in-pepper-sauce accused Reginald Rodrigues and Brammanand Nandalall.
When Sasenarine Singh's latest attempt to mislead members of the public is examined against all these scenarios it raises serious questions about the party and its financial sources.


  1. Contribution or better yet advance payment for work to be done in the future if the AFC gets a chance to be the political leaders of this country.

  2. Since this party was founded they have being supported by drug baron cause most of its member are lawyers and they even lied about receiving donation which ever happen

  3. The AFC seem to have shadow members in the party then if thanks is reaching out to a man and he in turn say that he not a member of the party.

  4. The looking to pull in people to front as financier when they already got the support from there drug dealing buddy.