Sunday, February 27, 2011

Youthful picketers turn tables on AFC

-Benschop threatens, stalks member of the group

A youthful group of protesters on Friday became so incensed over a move by the fledgling Alliance for Change (AFC) to picket the Office of the President (OP) that they decided to take matters into their own hands.
And it all came about because the ongoing `One Laptop Per Person’ brouhaha and the alleged dismissal of an OP employee who was closely linked to the project.
Word is that no sooner had the AFC team, comprising Party Leader, Raphael Trotman, Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan and well-known social activists Mark Benschop and Freddie Kissoon returned to their Campbelville headquarters from their picketing exercise outside OP, than the group converged there to launch a counter-picket of their own.
The anti-AFC picketers’ ire is over the AFC’s perceived dereliction of its duty to represent the interest of the citizens of Guyana, both in and out of Parliament.
So heated became the ensuing situation that the Police, who were called in by persons unknown, were forced to intervene in an altercation between Benschop and a member from the opposing group.
Reports are that the young man was subsequently advised by the intervening police to report the matter to the Kitty police as they are in charge of the jurisdiction in which the fracas took place, and that since then, his assailant has had persons trailing him wherever he goes.


  1. This is what i dont get,who give mark the rights to assault people when they protest in front of there office.

  2. He went and protest in front of the office of the president with out any harm or assaulted him in any way.