Friday, February 4, 2011

Kaieteur News reaches 123 misleading stories

-Kaieteur News claim that OP “reportedly bought 20 Lenovo G550 computers at US$585 each false-OP

The Office of the President yesterday issued a statement in which it sought to correct a false statement published by the Kaieteur News newspaper in a story under the headline `Laptop flip-flop’ on page one of its February 3, 2011 edition.
The statement reads as follows:

“Without seeking clarification, as previously advised, with this office on matters related to the One Laptop Per Family
Programme (OLPF), the newspaper claimed that OP “reportedly bought 20 Lenovo G550 computers at US$585 each.”
“This is false and misleading and is in keeping with the clear agenda of the Kaieteur News to disparage development
projects being put in place by the Guyana Government to benefit all Guyanese.
“Five Lenovo G560 computers were in fact bought for the OLPF office at a cost of US$699 each for use by staff and are not
for distribution under the project.
“This gross distortion could have been avoided by checking with the relevant officials, as Kaieteur News had been
previously advised.
“The Office of the President expects media houses to adhere to the basic principles of journalism, including seeking
clarification/comment when required.”

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  1. What's it with news entity why they cant carry the right story with adding their own i sure they never check to know the real story but just publish what they think that the people hear.....