Monday, February 7, 2011

Are there no more pressing issues than the Old Age Pension register for the AFC?

-Old age pensioners ask

Old age pensioner: Over the past few days there were debates in and out of Parliament on the credibility of the Old Age Pensioners current register.

Many years ago like so many others after studies abroad we returned to serve our country rather than remain in the motherland. Most, if not all that I knew got very good jobs of a managerial nature, and were able to provide a comfortable living for their families, including savings and a home which came a few years later. And not omitting a car and holidays abroad. We bought land in what is described as residential areas for approximately $6000-7000 and that today is worth about $10M. However, with our savings during the Burnham/Hoyte era, the IMF had prescribed a medicine for Burnham to give the nation, but he agonized over the repercussions. Anyhow, during Hoyte’s term we got the medicine in doses (tranches) which was increasingly painful with each ‘tablespoon’ as Guyana tried to realign its currency. It was devastating in that our savings were virtually worthless, and depending how soon one retired life was difficult. The Old Age Pension paid during the PNC was regarded as a stigma, because of the small amount. Today many of us welcome it with the other assistance given. I should point out that the diaspora grew as Guyanese left during the food shortages, but a few remained to be termed today old age pensioners.

There is no way that any government could have indexed our salaries to the cost of living. That is the situation that many of us found ourselves in; even though retired we face huge medical bills and still have to maintain our homes.

Sometimes life places us at a level that precludes us from seeing the stark reality of hardship at the bottom, even with respect to those who live in these so-called residential homes.

I trust that there are more pressing issues than the register to engage these letter writers.


  1. The oppositions are making a statemnet that the elderly of this country are of no concern to them and that they dont care how they survive and what the monthly pension they recieve do for them.

  2. These people have earned their right to be assisted by the govt for their time and labor that they have worked for now the opposition is suggesting to remove ex amount pensioners for the pension list.this is how you plan to run this country....smh

  3. These people work and serve this country so why is it such a big problem for them to receive monetary support monthly from the government to help them in what way that it can.

  4. For many of these pensioners the money that they receive monthly is what the use to buy there medication and others fine things that they might need.taking this bread out of there mouth is like taking there life.

  5. The AFC is in dire need of attention… Obviously no respectable Guyanese that is serious about their future is looking in their direction, so in their lame ass strategies they try instead to make the headlines to be spoken about... stupid people! The old age pension increase is a well planned and catered strategy by the Government and as one old man said "the AFC just looking for money to full their pocket and want to kill out the old people". Now if this is how they are going to approach matters of the people, especially our elderly and younger generations, then they are not fit for any leadership position! Everybody in the AFC and PNC are power hungry and Guyanese should NOT give them that time of day!