Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Attempt made on AFC Prime Ministerial candidate's life.

Prime Ministerial candidate of the AFC, Sheila Holder is now a patient of a local private hospital after she complained of feeling unwell after eating food given to her by a fellow party member.
Inside sources have told us that Holder was given the food by Latchmin Punalall, a fellow M.P and party member.
Holder began showing symptoms of poisoning and was rushed to the hospital by fellow comrades. Punalall reportedly left in a hurry.

Our sources have also told us that Punalall often expressed her displeasure at Holder's thrust to the party's Prime Ministerial candidacy.


  1. The ordinary man in the street is saying its an inside job by the A.F.C to silence her after she embarrass her party in the national assembly.....

  2. Wow....First they was a fight among themselves for position so they taking it to a next step....if they think that you int fit for the position....

  3. The party is already going down a loosing road and then she go and embarrass the party in the assembly.Now attempt was made on her life.If you are not fit you must quit.

  4. With regards to the AFC and PNC, everybody in the respective Parties is power hungry and selfish. These two major opposing parties at the behest of greed and longing for power is willing to do anything and sacrifice anything or anyone at this expense. This is a major "no no" with the thought in mind "if they were to lead what will they do or sacrifice for things of their interest?"