Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something stinks over at Congress Place

Something just doesn't seem right over at Congress Place, the headquarters of the PNCR, and the results of the elections held to select the party's 2011 Presidential candidate suggests the same.

How could a reputable and longstanding member of the party such as Faith Harding receive only 20 votes?
We must also take note of Basil Williams' claim that there was a well directed campaign by Robert Corbin and his underlings to embarrass him using the election results. The allegations of delegates being evicted or locked out of the Congress confirms an intent to control the outcome of the elections. Then the recounts on 3 separate occasions is outrageous given that it placed different nominees as the winner. Therefore it is not unreasonable that the various factions supporting different candidates have called for an investigation into the way the election was conducted.


  1. Corbin wants to use Granger so that he can direct him how to run the party and what steps he must take in the 2011 election.

  2. This is when the selection of the party presidential candidate is already selected by the party current leader and there are just fronting like they are selecting a new party leader so that everyone think that they have a chance.

  3. well we know who is the stooge within the PNC.