Saturday, February 26, 2011

UPDATE: Controversy erupts at PNC Congress as delegates chased out.

-evicted delegates forcibly enter by breaking down gate at Congress Place

After being barred from entering the PNC special congress held to select the party's 2011 candidate supporters of Faith Harding forcibly entered the congress area by breaking down the gate and several doors leading to the venue. Harding's supporters were initially barred from entering Congress Place and in some cases being forcibly removed from the premises by Ernest Elliot under instructions from party leader Robert Corbin. Around 56 persons were evicted/barred and it started a fracas. The incident was seen as an attempt to propel Corbin's favoured candidate, David Granger.


  1. IT seem like all the opposition parties have a infighting when t comes to choosing a candidate for the 2011 election.

  2. IS Granger going to be Corbin poppet?Looks like corbin still want to be the leader of the PNC