Monday, February 14, 2011

Sheila Holder was poisoned- Hospital source

Reports reaching Live in Guyana confirmed that AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate, Mrs. Sheila Holder was poisoned. Mrs Holder was rushed to the hospital last week while at the AFC Headquarters. Several diagnostic test were conducted after which doctors have concluded they say traces of a poisonous substance. In accordance with law, the police have been notified and sources say investigations are ongoing.

An AFC Executive who is close to Holder did not rule out a deliberate attempt on Mrs Holder's life. Two suspects are in police custody.

The AFC is engulfed by a series of in-fighting with several factions over leadership and coalition issues. Raphael Trotman recently signaled is intention to quit saying he finds it uneasy to work among colleagues who make decisions against their conscious.


  1. if ppl ask me to describe this party i would have to say..unstable, deceitful,unexperienced and incapable of controllin an entire country..corrupt is the word in a nut shell....

  2. Sheila Holder life is at risk in within her party.

  3. Imagine your life getting threatened in your own group... What a way, the AFC hoodlums’ brutal man. Instead of handling disputes within the party professionally by dialogue they turn to poison? Wow! All these serious of “corrupted” events and more in which the AFC is continuously involved just goes to show the immaturity, greed, selfishness and wicked heartedness of the Party members. They are one party that is surely going to self destruct in a short period of time. Wait and see it has already begun…

  4. what a shame and waste of life...the afc members are very selfish and they hear abt the presidency money but didn't hear about the wuk