Thursday, February 24, 2011

So Benschop is a credible source of information for Kaieteur News now?

So all of a sudden Mark Benschop is a credible source of information for Adam Harris and Kaieteur News?
It was this very KN which questioned Benschop's non-existent credibility and even warned him about copying stories from the newspaper's website. On a daily basis Benschop posts all sorts of fabrications as well as racists attacks against government functionaries and persons not in agreement with his confrontational methods.

What Benschop is trying to hide from members of the public is the fact that Marcelle Joseph is one of his fuck mates.


  1. They say that birds of a feather flock together.Now Mark and the Kn news paper is all about attacking the government or anyone that support the government while also publishing and spreading misleading news about the government.

  2. Marcelle is Knowing for sleeping around with men to get some monetary funds or some kind of payment.Now it is fact that Mark has been sleeping with Marcelle that is why he is trying to portrait this good image of her.

  3. This obvious that mark and joseph are sleeping since this is how mark prostitute people to get at the government.