Monday, February 7, 2011

Guyana's status as a tourist destination recognized worldwide-Cruise Liner Captain

-Cruise Liner MV Saga Pearl arrives with 352 passengers

Yesterday, Cruise Vessel the M.V. Saga Pearl 2 docked at the Guyana National Shipping Corporation Limited. The ship is the first cruise to dock in local waters for the year.

Captain of the Saga Pearl 11 and Minister of Tourism Manniram Prashad during a tour of the vessel yesterday.

Upon its arrival, the crew and its passengers were given a grand Guyanese welcome with some entertaining steel pan music. The passengers were also given guided tours around the city.
During a media briefing, Captain of the vessel, David Warden Owen noted that this was not his first visit to Guyana as he first visited onboard the ‘Spirits’. He noted that more and more Guyana is being recognised and recommended as a tourist destination by cruise liners worldwide. He however noted one of the major concerns by some cruise lines is the issue of deep water harbours.

Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd are excited to be in Guyana.

According to Owen, the Saga Pearl started a 77-day tour from Southampton, taking travelers across the Atlantic, touching some 20 Islands in the Caribbean and sailing along the Amazon. Among some of the destinations the cruise covered before arriving in Guyana are; St Lucia, Barbados, Suriname, Grenada and Antigua. This liner is 164.30 meters long with a GRT of 18591. The passenger capacity is 446, with 252 crew.
Meanwhile, Minister of Trade Tourism and Industry Manniram Prashad who was a part of the welcoming party said he welcomed the visit. The Minister reaffirmed that the visit proves that Guyana is being recognised as a tourist destination. He noted that visits like these will also further put Guyana on the world map, paving the way for a bigger tourism industry. The Minister pointed out that it is during these visits, Guyanese need to sell their own country so as to attract more tourists.


  1. This is the recognition of big and better things happening for Guyana where tourism is concern.

  2. Since Guyana is being recognize and recommended as a tourist destination this means that this is probably the first of many more cruise ship to visit Guyana for this year.Also this is just the start of many to cruise linear to visit Guyana in the years to come.

  3. Well the govt has put a lot into boosting the tourism sector since Guyana has become a focus for tourist over the years.....

  4. Over the years a lot is being put into the tourism industry cause Guyana has been seeing a lot of tourist enter the country on a monthly basis.......

  5. The many effort that the government has been putting into boosting the tourism industry have shown a positive effect with the amount of tourist that are visiting Guyana daily,weekly monthly and yearly.

  6. Tourist who just merely get to explore Guyana on visit like these return to Guyana for a longer vacation to get the fullness and enjoy Guyana.

  7. This is just one of the many positives the PPP Government has paved for Guyana, our dear land. Tourism in Guyana has grown tremendously over the years and has increasingly been contributing a handsome sum to our GDP. With the world being interested more in tourism activities and also the whole "green" concept, Guyana has been making the headlines due to the many natural resources both flora and fauna in which we possess. Congratulations to the Government an all those persons who played a part in the successful hosting and guiding of the Tourists that came onboard Sava.