Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why didn't AFC executive member Gerhard Ramsaroop feature at the party's 2011 campaign launch?

Gerhard Ramsaroop

When we told ya'll dat Gerhard left de AFC sey was lie.............
Wha deh gon sey now?


  1. They probably will say that he was tied up and couldn't attend the launch.

  2. There is not interest in they party even from there members.They say only the captain stay with a sinking ship so everyone is making there way out of the AFC and leaving the Captain Ramjattan.

  3. Let me see…They will say that due to the unforeseen weather he couldn’t make it...also he had to tend to some important family issues...lol...Cause we all know AFC are the original lock smiths...they get a lock for everything...just like when they had a poor attendance at their stupid meeting at Bath, they blamed it on the rain