Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PNC leader's Nephew shot after Gas Station burglary

The Nephew of PNCR leader Robert Corbin was among two persons shot during an attempt to burglarize an East Coast Demerara gas station.
He was supposed to be at home preparing for school the following day but instead, 17-year-old Junior Corbin of Sophia, and two associates went up to Good Hope, Mahaica, on the East Coast of Demerara, with the intention of robbing a Guyoil Fuel Outlet early yesterday morning.
Their plans however went awry, and Corbin along with 33-year-old ex-policeman Shawn St. Clair, also of Sophia, who was the intended getaway driver, ended up being shot by the proprietors of the facility.
Junior Corbin

And quite like his uncle Junior Corbin proclaimed his innocence. Claiming that he was standing on the road when he was confronted by some men.
When asked what he was doing in the Mahaica area at that time of the night, he said that he had visited an aunt who resides in the East Coast Demerara village.
But his mother Debra Corbin said that her son had no aunt living in the Mahaica area.
Junior Corbin also claimed that he had left his home around 18:00 hours on Monday, but his mother disputed this explaining that she had seen her son at home sometime before midnight on Monday.
“A police call me this morning and ask me if Junior Corbin is me son and I said yes. De police say that he get shoot in Mahaica,” Debra Corbin said, adding that she was surprised that her son was that far away from home.


  1. Well with how things are going and the PNC are not seeing much support from the public Corbin decide that he had to raise money to support the party campaign by other means,but the nephew was unsuccessful.

  2. This is the PNC practicing what they know to do best.This is how they want to run this country,this is the road that they want to take the future generation of Guyana.

  3. The PNC fund raising campaign to support the party begin but Corbin nephew failed to get the funds since the owner of the gas station was prepared for the PNC representative who went to collect the funds without the pro mission of the gas station owner.

  4. Citizen all around Guyana are prepare for the PNC members who act as though they have share in people business and they come to collect money.

  5. I tell you what! These children of today look how they would kill their parents from shock out of the nonsense they involved in. It always puts them no where in the short or even long run. Corbin and his party really "deh" bad and already showing their lengths of desperation, but this just goes to show what or who Corbin is willing to sacrifice at this expense... It’s a sad affair within the PNC