Wednesday, November 4, 2009

As Benschop had urged: the Opposition campaign of terror commences.

It has been reported that the Brickdam Police station was the target of gunmen early this morning. Driving a white Toyota wagon, they drove straight into the station and started shooting, two policemen were injured.
The High court was also a target, it was fire bombed and so too was Richard Ishmael Secondary school.

In another unconfirmed report a man was found bound and dead on the Linden Highway.
All of these incidents apparently took place between 12am -4am.

Also there are reports that law enforcement officials confronted a group of gunmen this morning which resulted in a heavy exchange of gun fire, in the Houston/Mc Doom area, casualties remain unknown at this time.

This apparently co-ordinated attack comes on the heels of an earlier call for the removal of the democratically elected government by former treason accused Mark Benschop and the destruction by fire of the Ministry of Health building by persons paid by opposition elements.

The last time such a call was made by Benschop it resulted in the storming of the Presidential complex, death of two persons, the destruction of two Regent street businesses and attacks on persons of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity.


  1. Look at this incident and be the judge, is this what we want to see our country turn? A war zone, this is not what is projected of our country. Gun men going into a police station, shooting out and injuring officer consequently fire bombing a school and the court, it has gone to far now. At this time imagine the trauma amongst that area, people would have to fear for their lives, how this country would progress with this demonized Benschop always initiating destruction in this country. This is just too much, this man should be executed or something…

  2. It seems the PNC has again embarked on it's favorite pastime, resorting to violence. the PNC’s whole history has been a history of being deeply immersed in criminal activities. Even Corbin was heard thanking the former Commissioner of Police “for diverting attention of the links with the PNC and the criminal gang that had killed killed eight people on the East Bank of Demerara.