Thursday, November 12, 2009

Corbin's party could've prevented the dilemma GPSU now finds itself in.

While Leader of the P.N.C/R Robert Corbin, Mayor of Georgetown, former Prime Minister and Minister in the P.N.C government, Hamilton Green, were swift in their condemnation and support for the G.P.S.U in a dispute with the government over transported state land, did it ever occur to any of the two that the P.N.C is responsible for the dilemma the union finds itself in?

If the P.N.C had made sure back in the 1970s that proper procedures were followed, such as transports handed over etc, when presenting the land to the G.P.S.U then the union would've been better positioned to claim what they allege is theirs.

Being in possession of a valuation or paying of rates and taxes does not guarantee ownership!

But judging from previous instances, the P.N.C dictatorship was so confident of remaining in power forever via rigged elections that they thought handing out of the state's resources to supporters without taking the liberty of preparing accompanying documentation was OK.

Instead what Burnham did was to give them the land physically then a few years later take out a transport in the name of the state. This was in case the union switched from being fully supportive of the P.N.C.

What Patrick Yarde should now do is to check see if all lands, properties etc given to the G.P.S.U under the P.N.C government are transported in favour of the state.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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