Monday, November 30, 2009

What about your Kaieteur News income?

Freddie Kissoon is griping and whining about his civic duty to pay property tax on things he bought from his University of Guyana income. But he says nothing about his earnings from Kaieteur News. He writes an article for that newspaper every day of the week. Here's a piece of what he wrote recently in the Kaieteur News:

"I am calling on all PAYE workers to demand that the opposition parties take a stand on the nature of Property Tax. The bestial nature of Property Tax doesn’t end with the unconscionable yearly deduction of money from your savings. You have to pay on your car and furniture. My car was not given to me freely. I took the money I had in the bank which came from my UG salary to buy my car. The modest furniture I have in my home came from my UG salary. Why do I have to pay a tax on the things I buy with my UG pay when my UG remunerations have been taxed every year the past twenty-three years?"

We all are subject to double taxation, from the paycheck and then sales taxes. Freddie is a dunce, how exactly is he qualified to teach at UG?

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  1. He is more that than a dunce, I don’t know who fooled him he is different or special from everyone else in this country. It is by law that people pay there taxes because they are obligated to as citizens of the country, Freddie just research on this area before he talk nonsense…..