Thursday, November 12, 2009

Capitol News a "tenant" of the PNC.

Did you know that WRHM Capitol News going under the registered name EMW Communications is a tenant of the PNC?

Well it's true. Capitol News is located at lot 125 Carmichael Street in a building owned by the PNC/R via Transport # 7810. According to records seen by us this building owes the city $35M in taxes that dates as far back as 1972.

Observers are also seeing this as the reason behind the obvious bias in news coverage by Capitol News.


  1. A good laugh for the day, PNC shame shame...these people are unbelievable, owing the government that should be the last on their list to get back at the PPP/C. I hope the rent money they collecting are toward this debt from now on.

  2. In the 1990s Enrico Woolford's TV outfit used to operate from a back building next to National Restaurant on Robb Street, Lacytown. The PNC had also owned that building.

  3. As soon as the PNC's name is mentioned you can't help your self but to think about corruption, debts, lies and most of all starvation.

    First and famously we've known about the large sum they indebted Guyana with now new sources are emerging, GPL, M&CC. Whose next. We might as well find out they even owe Benchop foundation for the soup that he has been providing for their soup drinkers!

  4. It is time for the Opposition parties to come clean and tell the Guyanese people the real reason why the are boycotting the National Assembly......
    They are realizing the their critizism against the Gov't is getting more and more limited as a result the last resort is to boycott parliament.....
    Come Opposition parties.....We do not need a rocket scientist to figure that out...

  5. Wow the pnc hasn't had any real power in guyana for a number of years. I wonder who is to blame for the problems we have now?