Friday, November 6, 2009

Region Three mourns Bisram, calls for justice

Stabroek News:The Region Three RDC remembers former Vice Chairman Ramenaught Bisram as a tireless and committed worker even as it calls for the perpetrators of his murder to be brought to swift justice.

Ramenaught Bisram

Ramenaught Bisram

In a press release the Council said it paid tribute to Bisram at its statutory meeting held on Wednesday. The councillors noted that during his tenure Bisram was dedicated and at all times endeavoured to serve the public with pride.

The release also said he served the People’s Progressive Party faithfully over a number of years. The RDC extended condolences to Bisram’s wife, children and other relatives.

The RDC also said it will observe Remembrance Day with a wreath-laying ceremony at the monument site on Sunday. The ceremony will start at 4am and the public is invited.

Who goes to a remembrance ceremony at 4 in the morning?


  1. 4am in the morning, maybe it has to be a typographical error, or if it is not they got to be out of their minds. I mean it is indeed a sad moment for the relatives and friends for there loss to such a dedicated individual to GOG and the mere fact is justice should be served due to the manner in which he died.

  2. Being murdered is one of the most terrible ways of dying, whats more terrifying is that the murder accused is just 14 years of age...
    If he can murder at 14 only God knows what he can do at 20.