Friday, November 20, 2009

Government’s defence of public order consistently opposed by PNCR

A statement from the Office of the President last evening said that public records would show that the opposition PNCR has consistently been opposed to the Government of Guyana’s defence of public order and democratic gains in Guyana.

The statement said the opposition PNCR has consistently offered support to criminal gangs that threaten public order and our democratic gains.

“The PNCR, under successive party leaders and their like-minded co- conspirators, has openly supported the aims and objectives of those gangs, joining in the glorification of gang members and leaders in life and in death,” the statement said.

“With the publication of their dossier, the PNCR has succeeded in co-opting the other parliamentary political parties into their grand design.

“The PNCR and other detractors of the Government have focused their attacks on:-

* extra-judicial killings, claiming an accommodation of the Government with the Roger Khans existed, and *

human rights abuses, claiming a systematic resort to torture by the joint services.

“This dossier, representing their masterpiece on anti-government design, is being promoted as crystallising findings and disclosures that support their contentions.

“However, the most preliminary review of their dossier, focusing on the eye-catching, headline grabbing 449 deaths that they attribute to extra judicial killings, human rights abuses, among others, reveals the following

“Among the 449 included among the listed dead in the dossier are:-

1. persons who are alive

2. Persons officially listed as missing;

3. Inexplicably, victims of criminal/terrorists gangs;

4. Recklessly, law enforcement officers, police and soldiers killed in the line of duty;

5. Known wanted criminals who died in armed confrontations with the Joint Services;

6. Victim of vehicular accidents;

7. Cases currently under GPF investigations;

8. Cases subjected to judicial review;

“Furthermore, if their compilation is to be deemed appropriate and comprehensive, the omission of major cases would have to be explained.

“It is obvious that the PNCR and their acolytes in their parliamentary opposition parties have used the publication of the dossier to advance their grand design which is to sensationalise, to confuse, and to score partisan political points using the circumstances of the dead as their primary tool, the statement concluded.


  1. The PNC and there inconceivable ways in gaining power, these people are a set of crooks with agenda to darn explicable to talk about. It is just a shame with the list persons they contended for the dossier are not rightfully true according to the categories stated in the article. These people are just a set of criminals for all I know, always with some obstruction to affect the peace of the country....

  2. Just imagine if they were in power form the list they concluded the dossier on would have meant that they would have supporting the inexplicably, victims of criminal/terrorists gangs. Just think about what the rate of killings would have been, it is just a matter of time to know what’s going to happen…thus this country is far better off with the PPP/C.

  3. I knew something was fishy from this list.
    The PNC set up this entire thing with the assistance from Sharma, Corbin got the list and information of set of people who died due to old age.

    I wonder when Corbin was treated with the financial assistance from the government who was at fault for that, is it the government or the fact that he was playing a force ripe with his self.