Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kissoon, this man who's discontented with his coolieness weaving his web of deceit!

Freddie Kissoon:I have two takes on the Health Ministry fire. One was that it was a stratagem to take the heat off Minister Ramsammy. It could also be that documents too incriminating, existed in that building and the opportunity presented itself when a demonstration followed the arrest of Benschop and Lewis.
Now we have the shooting up of Brickdam Police Station, the High Court and Richard Ishmael Secondary School. Strange how these attacks come right in the middle of nasty moments of embarrassment for the Government.
The Health Ministry fire occurred when evidence was mounting that Dr Leslie Ramsammy was a working partner of Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan. Now after a torture case that is making news worldwide and a possible revocation of the visa of top political elites, we read about gunmen going on a rampage.
Funny thing is that just about four hours after the Ministry of Health fire, the police knew who they were looking for. An important factor that should be given consideration in the configuration of things is whether these attacks on state institutions is not a strategy to force the Americans to back down in the visa policy because the US officials may see that there is a violent conspiracy that intends to devastate the elected government in Guyana
I doubt that it will deter the Americans.

Time and time again Guyanese will not buy this same argument from opposition apologists and those in support of criminal behaviour. I am not surprised by Kissoon's attempt to deflect despite a tendency by this band of criminals who are not afraid of unleashing terror on Kissoon's own. Then again he was ashamed of being of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity.

The work of the auditor generals office is a day to day one and it extends to all government entities. As such, they have a continuous presence at all government entities. And if Benschop and his cronies choose to destroy any government building it would not be unusual to find that the auditor generals office is conducting work there.

Further, the same argument being made by Freddie and the other spinners could be made against the attackers. That they time their attacks to fuel suspicions of government involvement.


  1. Freddie will meet his waterloo, if he hasn't as yet. He con concocts stories and create conspiracy theories to support his deranged theories. It would be better if he had gone and defecate in the PNC. Freddie would never had tried this under the PNC. He eyes pass dis Government.

  2. It's really not of my interest to read one of Freddie's articles, it bears no substance.
    The guy holds on to the old ways of solving problems, i.e. the PNC ways of dealing with their problems.

    In a recent article of his i saw that he was having coffee with Benchop followed with a meeting, i wonder what that was about???

    Maybe it was about what happened yesterday!!!