Monday, November 30, 2009

Opposition Dossier ignores Government Minister's murder but focuses more on the rights of his killers.

During the debate in the National Assembly on Thursday on a motion by GAP/ROAR member Everall Franklin calling for police training to be intensified in the use of non-lethal weapons PPP/C M.P Gail Teixeira passionately declared that she is never going to forgive the crafters of the Opposition dossier on persons killed by extra-judicial means for as long as she lives because, in the dossier Minister Sash Sawh and his family are not included in those who were killed… but the concern in the dossier is more-so about the two men who killed him!”

Teixeira is absolutely right, given that the minister was assassinated and the focus of the Opposition through this document and other actions is on defending the rights of the criminals.

She went on by saying, “I am saying it publicly here, I will never, ever, as long as I live, forgive whoever wrote that document to have left out Minister Sash Sawh and his family who were executed!”.

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  1. The minister is definitely correct when she said that the dossier supporting the criminals but not for the victims who have succumbed to these acts of killing. The opposition has no remorse for these victims whose lives were taken brutally. All they have done with this dossier is bring bad memories for these victims’ relatives and friends and supported the criminals. The oppositions that combine this dossier are the ones who should be in jail for there indecency to these people....