Friday, November 6, 2009

Glen Lall's brother fingered in Customs fraud!

A $300M fraud was recently unearthed at Customs. Cashiers and IT technicians were fingered.

Glen Lall's brother Reaz Khan was fingered as one of the businessmen who benefited significantly from this.

I hope Kaieteur News extends their investigative reporting to this one in the same way they have done in relation to the Ministry of Agriculture and contracts.


  1. Kaieteur News always like to fabricate stories there own way, just lies all the time. Lets see how he gone investigate his brother filthy story, I know for fact that whatever he coming up with would be nothing but pure mendacity. The Usual…

  2. This is not surprising, RK has always been in trouble with the law, from the construction of his building to the relationship with an underage female. The entire clan is tainted with some illicit parctises ranging from how they acquired their new found wealth among other things.

  3. The PPP supported Glen Lall in his drug runnings to the U.S.

  4. Wonder if this would be in the KN everyday???
    Glenn wa happen banna is na news you suppose to give we and all the things that going wrong in Guyana!