Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kartel loses his vybz; sinks to a new low

Yard Flex: I think Kartel has lost it. I understand borrowing Mavado's melody and chanting style and trying to make it big for himself this year but what he is doing now is just too disgusting. He has got to a point where he is killing dancehall and destroying the lives of its listeners in da process.I understand it was hard fi him last year and he had to fight hard to buss again. He tried every trick in da book and most of it worked. Clashing wid di biggest artist of 2008 and copying each one of his moves. Mavado was di first artiste to make a big tune fi an athlete and it was not because Asafa Powell said "gully" but di man just said he liked Mavado's singing style and voice. Now Kartel decided to make a ting called Gaza when Mavado was singing about di Gully side from di start. And even Kartel did sing bout Gully side when he was hanging with Mavado and Bounty Killer. Because him realise how Mavado make it big, he created a rival side to copy every one of Mavado's moves. Kartel used this Gully vs Gaza to the extreme by influencing the biggest artistes in the world to not say he likes Kartel's music but to say he is for Gaza, "the side". These desperate measures are not only destroying Dancehall but destroying Jamaica. Kartel, who used to be da biggest artist in Dancehall has shown dat he cant buss again from just doing music but his career depends on autotune, causing controversy, imitating other artistes, engineering falsehoods and manipulating young and naive aspiring artists.Recently Kartel sunk to da lowest with the release of the picture of his purported partner and protege performing an oral sexual act to a man who is believed to be Kartel himself. For someone who has made a following and a lot of money through singing songs against such an act (oral sex) and many other evil acts this is disappointing. Who knows how many other things he sings against but still goes on and do? The act which was depicted in that image is one such when one person does it on the other, the one receiving it also has do reciprocate so did the man in the picture bow, after the female played her part of the game?Prominent members from Kartel's camp have been heard openly condoning dangerous acts such as bleaching and the lady mentioned before has sung a song endorsing it. In a community dat is suffering this is uncalled for and Kartel and his camp need to be held responsible for their actions. Oh, and by the way, this is camp which our distinguished athlete chooses to endorse. I don’t encourage him to endorse any of the two but rather to say musics. People see him as an ambassador. Mi bredda, you are like a diplomat and what you are doing right now no make you name look good.

Posted by YardFlex at November 26, 2009 08:20 PM

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