Monday, November 30, 2009

Benschop leaves the jurisdiction following Joel Fraser's death!

We have learnt that former treason accused, Mark Benschop has fled the country following the recent discovery of the body of Joel Fraser (who was reportedly having an affair with Benschop's ex-wife Maria) with his throat slashed on the sea walls behind Ocean View hotel.
Benschop is currently in the U.S.

Local promoter and the host of a local television show, Neil 'Cody' Codogan, has also not been seen since. However, his close friends have told persons that Cody, as he's popularly known, has also been the recipient of numerous threats to his life and Fraser's death has caused him to become fearful as he too was seeing Benschop's ex-wife.
Persons are speculating as to if Benschop is behind Fraser's death and the recent threats.
Benschop, despite being imprisoned for over 5 years has managed to acquire a large volume of wealth since his release from prison.


  1. Ay yai yaaaii! Mouth open & story jump out.

  2. Out of curiosity, I bet he was up to some scampishness because it is impossible for man to be in prison for five years and have this mass of wealth as soon as he was released, or did he accumulates it from buggering.... well we just have to wait for more to be revealed

  3. Anonymous #2! So Anonymous #1 should be fooled by you? You folks are despicable. Benschop is allowed a free reign to create mischief and permeate our society with fear via his recruits that recently tried to wreak havoc through the burning of schools, the high court etc but when his turn at judgment comes you idiots are quick in his defense ........piss off........all of you will die cruel deaths.