Monday, November 16, 2009

Blatant disregard for rules of professionalism by Kaieteur News

AS a legal writer, I have contributed several articles to the Commentaries page of the Caribbean Net news and have received many favourable comments. I was particularly upset to find that the Kaieteur news of Guyana my homeland, had brazenly and in blatant disregard for all the rules of professionalism in journalism, the law, and of decency, copied wholesale and published my article under another title and with no attribution to me, see
The editor ought to be ashamed to display such disgraceful conduct, non-professionalism and downright thievery. Typical of persons of that ilk that newspaper is not likely to retract or correct its behaviour, just as I am not about to accept the disrespect.


  1. KN has no professionalism journalism undeniably, I though people knew that by now, look who they have writing articles for them thief man Freddie, the owner who just always seems like he lost, ABI INNIS that is KN lack of respect, lazy, and thieving...others should come forward and start exposing them for articles they stolen, because I know for sure you are not they first they did it to.

  2. This is just a other one of kaieteur news acts that they commit everyday lies and total disregard towards journalism.thievery is a trademark for the kaieteur news.

  3. how can you expect better since KN dont employ people with integrity nor qualifications.rather their employment criteria is" you sleep with the boss and you get hired".

  4. Glenn does publish his face. The KN is a identical disgrace just like Glenn. He has man like Freddie writing for him, a man that writes without facts, truth and understanding.

    With the death of Miss Bulkan he said that if UG was better she would have been living today...

    Ohh Freddie did you also know that she was in love with her very own cousin that made her mother fear disgrace of incest and brought her back. With the torment of separating from her lover she decided to kill her self...