Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why similar action is not taken against Congress Place.

Baldeo Mathura: THE City Council has announced that it will auction off the First Federation Life building on Croal Street and the Campala International Hotel to recover taxes owed by the two places to the City Council. We were not told how much these two places owe the City Council.

It is commendable to see that the City Council is taking action to recover monies owed to it. Many businesses and homes owe the City Council millions of dollars. Without rates and taxes the City Council will not be able to maintain services and do capital works.

What is puzzling is that the City Council is trying its best to bypass Congress Place which owes the council $100 million dollars. Year after year we hear people complaining why the City Council does not take action against Congress Place for owing $100 million. We hardly hear anything on Congress indebtedness.

The Mayor Hamilton Green was a former General Secretary of the People’s National Congress, a minister holding several portfolios and a former Prime Minister. He was expelled by the Party but now has returned as a central committee member.

The Deputy Mayor who is the Chairman of the Finance Committee was also a member of the PNC.

Congress Place was built under the leader of the late Forbes Burnham. Congress Place, which occupies an area of some 50 acres of land, is a legacy of Burnham. Green would not like to see the City Council sell Burnham’s home.

I would recommend that the people of Georgetown insist that Congress Place settles its accounts or be sold. If not, put the Mayor and Deputy Mayor under fire for moving to sell their properties for taxes, while turning a blind eye on Congress Place. What goes for one must go for all!

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  1. Exactly “what goes for one must go for all”, that is by law, is this the way we want our country to deliver. It is just unfair, these people must settle there debt, and look at the people that made it happen initially; no other but former members from the PNC. they had to bring there dirty habits. Let them pay or sell!!!