Friday, November 13, 2009

Shameful and dishonest Stabroek News......

I am alive, says Lisa Prashad

My name is Lisa Prashad of the Ministry of Health, Lot 1 Brickdam, Georgetown. This is to confirm that I did not commit suicide as irresponsibly published in the November 12, 2009, edition of the Stabroek newspaper. I would like to publicly note that the photograph published on page 12 of the Stabroek News is ‘false’ and the story has nothing to do with me as its evident that I am still alive and am writing this press release.

Stabroek News did not contact any of my relatives or colleagues to confirm the story before it was published. The published picture was taken from my FaceBook profile and I have a physical copy of same.

This is most irresponsible, misleading and holds heavy repercussions for me, as I am the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Manager of the Ministry of Health.

I have since sought legal advice and am considering taking legal action against Stabroek News.

I demand a public apology and a retraction of this horribly misleading story (picture) that was published in yesterday's edition of the Stabroek newspaper.
Lisa Prashad-Ramsarup


  1. Gosh, SN to that limit you all will step to, that is more than shameful and Freddie writing a one shit up article that the public would prefer your paper when you all lying on a matter as this. Lisa Prasad should just sue you all and done than wait for any apology. Come on SN; teach your staff to investigate properly and then report.

  2. Tist tist! What a shame SN doesn't have enough news to publish each day so as usual they fabricate lies. Lisa should sue their ass and then KN would be on the alert.