Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GTU appoints PNC/R councilor Geneveive Allen acting president

PNC/R councilor Ms. GENEVEIVE Allen has been appointed acting President of the Guyana Teacher Union (GTU) and despite the recent upset at management level the union will be moving on.

This is according to Mrs. Coretta McDonald, the GTU’s General-Secretary who spoke with the media on Monday.

McDonald explained that Allen, who was the first vice-president of the union, was appointed during a meeting of the union’s executive committee on Monday.

The meeting was scheduled to decide the fate of Mr. Colwyn King, former President, and his future with the union.

King submitted his resignation but according to McDonald the union officers are not in a position to pronounce on the issue.

What Ms Allen's appointment will bring is yet to be seen but we can expect due to her affiliation with the PNC a u-turn in the favorable relations developed during the presidency of Colwyn King. King was successful in negotiating a host of concessions for teachers with the government.

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  1. Another rug rat into coming into the system again, well all we got to do is wait and see the outcome, what it will be….