Friday, November 6, 2009

Why no condemnations from the Opposition?

In what could be seen as a show of tacit approval, we are yet to hear public condemnations of the terrorist acts perpetrated by a group of well armed gunmen in the City recently from the ever-so-often very vocal opposition.

So far we have only seen and heard attempts aimed at deflecting by their surrogates and advocates in the media.


  1. I must say that this was not totally unexpected, most of knew that the PNC, GHRA et al would be silent on this issue. And this so because the President has said that perpetrators will pay in the harshest possible manner, which translates to the PNC once again losing much needed human resource. These people acted on behalf of the PNC make no bones about it.

  2. You know the say "bucket a go a well every day buh wan day e battam guh fall out", is the same thing happening with the opposition and Benchop.
    As for Benchop his bottom fall out a long time now just waiting to be caught by the GOG to face law...