Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Benschop carry yuh bugga batty sk@#t!

After reading this I have concluded that Benschop is suffering from a relapse of the symptoms associated with the severe buggering he received at the hands of Manny Bankay and Coolie Cock-up while being a prisoner at the Camp Street Prison.

Which part President Jagdeo can take $50M from the treasury and escape the attention of Corbin and his goons.

Mark carry yuh bugga batty skunt!
You should be more worried wid all da big cock Basil Williams and co did giving Maria whilst you was languishing in jail.
Maria seh she ent able wid yuh compass tongue dats why she ran off wid de rasta man.


  1. Which rasta man? You mean cody?

  2. Here we go again this man is such a nasty stain to this country, Mark u want to put this country in an up roll with your dirty buggering agenda. Man why u don’t jus eradicate u self, ease this country of your lies.

  3. Benschop for President