Sunday, November 1, 2009

Benschop calls for the Government's removal.

Benschop urges the removal of the PPP from office again. This time I hope he intends to do so through constitutional means and not by the last route he chose a few years back that resulted in the storming of the Office of the President, attacking of Indo-Guyanese, and deaths of two person. He also was one of main architects of the Buxton/Agricola Freedom fighters who were themselves responsible for the deaths of hundreds of mostly Indo-Guyanese.

This led to the formation of the Roger Khan Phantom gang in response that was largely blamed for returning a sense of normalcy via the killing of these criminals. Today, the deaths of those criminals are being used for political propaganda by BENSCHOP and his comrades in the Opposition. 200 has been changed to 200 Black men and now to 400-450 Black men.

Benschop now calls his movement The Movement of Change for a better Guyana, similar to the People’s Liberation Movement which he and Ronald Waddell had titled the gang of prison escapees. Guyanese should be wary of Benschop and one wonders if this new organisation is another one aimed at spreading terror through murder and mayhem like its predecessor.

In the meantime we should brace ourselves for more destruction of Government buildings, intimidation of businessmen, attacks on Indo-Guyanese and further violence from Benschop's agents and recruits.

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