Saturday, October 31, 2009

Was the Hamids family a target of the mo fire, slow fire campaign?

The deliberate destruction of two businesses belonging to the Hamid family in the space of two weeks could be the work of the destabilizers......

This topic is the subject of discussion on many of the other forums and blog sites and we decided to give our viewers to opportunity to join the debate.


  1. This issue is very much relevant, perhaps this could be something that the PNC has in store for the 2011 elections. Businessmen should therefore take all NECESSARY steps to protect their businesses from arsonist and looters even if it be by the use of the gun.

  2. look at what business the hamids family operates.all their kids in canada wonder where the hamids have money to send their kids to canada.farouk hamid and naseer hamid both have kids in canada .hamids cause enemies when they started drugs.someone should wipe out the whole family and all their kids