Friday, October 9, 2009

Benschop Should be Behind Bars Permanently

Mark Benschop should consider himself Lucky that he was released from Jail. For an act as storming into the highest Office in the Country (Office of the President) The President showed enormous magnanimity when he Pardoned Benschop. Yet despite being pardoned he has continued on his tirade against the legally elected government and using terms as elected dictatorship etc. This is dangerous and has implications for the continued peace that we are experiencing in this country. Having been charged for treason Mr. Benschop should have been dealt with the full extent of the law.
Spewing lies and distributing hatred amongst the Indo/Afro Guyanese people is small minded thinking and people should turn a blind eye to all this. Mark's actions have now included personal attacks against govt Officials and staging protest marches aimed at creating agitation in the country.

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