Thursday, October 22, 2009

A section of the modest gathering yesterday.

A section of the modest gathering outside Demico.

Looks like people hardly got time to watch opposition politicians prostitute themselves as is evident by the low turn out at a recently held public meeting outside of Demico House in the capitol city.
Members of the various opposition parties highlighted their convictions. Among those represented were the People’s National Congress Reform, Alliance for Change, GAP/ROAR, WPA and the National Front Alliance.


  1. Except for the people on the two bicycles the rest of the people like like hucksters plying their trade and those waiting for transportation to get home. So in reality the opposition did not get the people per say but they got a couple of the idiots from Congress place and a couple of their thugs that's the opposition protest for you.

  2. Well it clear to wat mr.corbin said that people r working and dnt have time to protest and this show that people are tried wit the opposition tryin too make them fools.

  3. just like how this blog is so unpopular....heehehehehe

    Almost one year and only 26,000 visits to this blog....heheheeheh