Thursday, October 15, 2009

Colwyn King rapes 15 year old after feeding her.

GTU President Colwyn King  yesterday hours before he was arrested.

GTU President Colwyn King yesterday hours before he was arrested.

President of the Guyana Teachers Union, Colwyn King, is in hot water for allegedly having sex relations with a 15-year-old girl. At issue for the girl was some food, according to the arresting ranks.
The arrest happened yesterday just before noon after the Union President asked to be excused from a meeting on the upper floor of the Wolford Avenue office Building.
A source said, “Amidst the meeting he (King) asked to be excused and so we decided to take a lunch break. Then we hear he get arrested.”
Police sources told this publication that he was taken into custody about noon yesterday to answer allegations that he committed statutory rape on the night of October 6.
According to the allegations, on the night in question King saw the girl, a Sophia resident, walking along Sheriff Street, Campbellville looking distressed.
They said that he drove up alongside and enquired of her well-being. He was told of her plight and he allegedly offered to get her something to eat, as she was hungry.
She also allegedly told him that she was at home in Sophia and decided to take a walk after her area was hit by power outage. She said that she lives with her mother but was afraid to be at home alone in the darkness.
The allegations are that the teen was taken to purchase food and then to Shaikan Hotel, on Princes Street, where there was some sexual activity.
The girl was picked up by a police patrol on Sheriff Street while wandering. After the police made enquiries of her reason for being on the road about 2:00 hrs on October 7 she was escorted to the La Penitence Police Station. There she related her story.
She said whom she was with and was subsequently taken to the hospital for a medical examination.
According to police sources it was established that she was sexually active. King was ordered arrested.
Up to yesterday afternoon King was in police custody. When Kaieteur News contacted him via cellular phone, he dubbed the situation “a little misunderstanding that I’m dealing with.”
But police sources confirmed that he was arrested and may be charged with statutory rape. Both King and the teen had a confrontation at the La Penitence police station, yesterday.
According to reports, the girl identified him.

(Taken from Kaieteur News)


  1. King is one of those who protests against the Government stating that the Govt does not care about the workers, specifically teachers, yet a man of his standing ends up raping a student this is appalling and the he should be met with the full brunt of the law.

  2. First it was Corbin, then Hamilton Green and now Colywn King. Like these guys trying to boost their crinimal records.

  3. This is shameful on such a publicly known position. His actions should be a lesson to all, especially the PNC perverts who loves to chase after young and innocent girls.

  4. Where is the media? We can clearly see the bias action of the media houses in covering off the rape allegation.