Friday, October 23, 2009

Joint Opposition takes Khan inquiry call to Le Repentir Cemetery!

The Joint Opposition Political Parties (JOPP) continued its campaign for an inquiry into criminal activities which have plagued Guyana since 2002, the campaign being in the form of a series of public meetings in and around the Georgetown.

The group, which includes the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR),the Alliance For Change (AFC) the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and a few other political parties, yesterday afternoon assembled at Le Repentir Cemetery as the group called for an international inquiry into what it calls ‘a failed justice system‘ on these shores. The group said that there is the need for answers into the 400 plus(oh skunt de numbers jump from 200 to 400) deaths which resulted from murders, drugs and gun-related activities and kidnappings in Guyana since 2002.

AFC party member, Desmond Moses speaking to a scattered crowd which gathered close to the tombs and densely forested area to get a glimpse of ‘the Horror Boards’, (boards displaying newspaper articles and photographs of dozens of black persons who died over the past several years, falling victim to violent activities), stated that there is the need for a total boycott of parliamentary activities by the opposition parties until the government fix the issues at hand.

He said that the government of the day should pay keen attention to developing Guyana, providing jobs for young people, many of them qualified, who walk the streets every day in search of jobs. However, the evidence at hand clearly dispelled such a notion as very few of the dead turned up to listen to the opposition ramblings. One curios onlooker suggested that it was because they were too busy wukking.

According to the JOPP, the government has refused on many occasions to carry out investigations into the numerous unnatural deaths which occurred over the years. The group stated that when the administration decides to act, such investigations are compromised since those carrying out the investigations cannot be trusted.

PNCR Member of Parliament, Clement Corlette, while addressing those gathered, stated that the situation at hand is serious. He said that the Joint Opposition parties are working as a disjointed team in order to prostitute the deaths of these persons even though we had absolutely no time with such issues durign the reign of the 'Freedom Fighters'.

The group will continue its campaign by carrying out public meetings over the next several days, with meetings slated for the Pslams, Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Center, the Observation Ward, GPHC, Mandela Avenue Dumpsite and the Good Hope Crematorium.

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  1. They also need to investigate all those PPP officials who were working with Khan to facilitate his drug trade operations. All those who fill their pockets with proceeds from the drug trade like Ramsammy, Gajraj, Rohee, Jagabat et al