Monday, October 26, 2009

Glen Lall fuels the corruption he rails about daily

He brings himself across as a paragon of virtue..........yet he offers bribes in an effort to get almost anything done, thereby contributing to the corruption his newspaper rails about daily.

Police are offered brides to leak info related to matters under investigation. It is known by almost everybody in the know-how that Kaieteur News offers a raise in an effort to obtain the scoop on most of its stories, that's how they are able to stay ahead of the competition........isn't this an indication of Glen Lall's double standards?


  1. What about those corrupt suckers at FreeDumb House who oversee the drug trade in Guyana?

  2. This man Glen Lall is a criminal. He uses his newspaper to frame up innocent people.
    Jagdeo should jail him or close down the newspaper.
    He was a cociane exporter, human trafficker and a rapist.
    His contact at the police is Henry Greene, Seelall Persaud and Trevor Reid.