Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glen Lall's Bitterness Against the Govt .

It is becoming alarmingly clearer by the day that Glen Lall-owner of Kaieteur News is using his media outfit as an avenue to launch a vicious attack on Governmental Personalities.Glen Lall uses the Kaieteur News to get personal with those whom he disagrees with.

The hypocrisy of this man manifests itself when his brother who goes after under age girls, (one which one publicized in all the newspapers except Kaieteur News) has bought Guyana Stores and hasn't completed his payments. In fact he owes the Govt Millions, yet Glen doesn't publish this information. Recently his cousin who is a prominent Regent Street Businessman claimed responsibility for a ship that was caught transporting cocaine. Again he did not publish this. I am sure had their been a Governmental person instead of his cousin we won't have heard the end of it.

Glen chooses to instead criticize the Govt, on the awarding of contracts, the procurement of equipment etc.

He has attacked Robert Persaud, Kwame McCoy, Leslie Ramsammy and others as a result of him being unable to get his way with the Govt.


  1. Balwant Persaud, the Canadian Immigration Consultant is also suing Glen Lall and the Kaieteur News for G$30M for libel. Glen Lall and Adam Harris had a fallout sometime ago and they took their revenge on Balwant Persaud by slandering his name and took side with a criminal named Sheik Aleem Samad, who ripped off some people in a visa racket. Glenn Lall, Adam Harris and Freddie Kissoon got some of the proceeds from Aleem Samad visa racket. I know as I was a former employee of Kaieteur News.

  2. Glenn Lall should public stoning for being such a disgraceful idiot. He publishes article in his so called news paper to his satisfactions. I have countless times sent letter concerning Guyana's development and interest and yet to wait to read about it in the KN.

    But you know how the saying goes "Moon does run till day catch am"

    In this case "Glenn running till the PNC catch am"