Friday, October 9, 2009

Lets see how the professor responds to his critics!

"a so-called University Lecturer, in one of the dailies uses his poisonous pen daily not to write objectively about events, but to write about the “gloom and doom” about Guyana. He chooses to be oblivious of any positive developments. The Guyanese people are smart enough to ignore elements in our society whose primary objective is to see a destructive Guyana rather than a unified and developing Guyana for all the races.

One wonders how a University Lecturer can lack impartiality and genuine academic scholarship in his reporting. It may be fair to say that he probably fails students who maintain objective views of events. Obviously, he has no fortitude to run for office himself but daily casts stones at others who are struggling to make a better Guyana for our future generations.

During my many visits to Guyana, I have seen that it is no fallacy that Guyana is on the move, both in terms of infra-structure development and economic development. To many Guyanese, Guyana will always be home despite many years of living abroad."...................SHIV MAHARAJ PhD

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  1. We must recall that Freddie addressed himself as Dr. kissoon, when he was exposed he hid under his famous "big coat." It is a fact that Guyana is progressing and yes the Govt will disregard any attempts to hinder this development.