Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can people have improved living standards without development?

Freddie Kissoon is always quick to criticise government for everything under the sun, but there is one issue that struck me as quite hypocritical considering the way things actually are.

I have read Freddie’s columns and something strikes me as funny because on one hand the man states that there has been no improvement in the entire country; that Guyana has not developed in all these years, yet his personal situation suggests otherwise.

How can a man of Freddie’s standing in terms of profession and otherwise, be able to live in such a posh house in an expensive neighbourhood, a place where the ordinary man cannot afford a piece of land to build a modest house, much less a huge three-storey building? If Guyana has not developed then how would Freddie be able to purchase an expensive modern vehicle, a type of which has only been imported under this administration?

How could he publicly profess that there has been no development when his living standards show clearly that there have been the necessary conditions in this country for this to be possible? His claims are proven once again to be baseless, without proof and he lacks any credibility as he openly and clearly contradicts himself.

In terms of his wealth, his standing has over the years improved ten fold.

Today he has a daily column where he openly criticises the government, making claims which any right minded Guyanese would see are completely fake and has to do more with his bitterness than anything else.

There are many persons who openly criticise government and who have been doing quite well including Mr. C.N Sharma who has a lucrative business, drives modern vehicles and is affluent in the business community; Mark Benschop is another such example who drives one of the most expensive models of vehicles, the likes of which even the middle class man cannot afford; there is also Lincoln Lewis who has what can only be called a ‘palace’ on the East Coast.

No wonder therefore when you see these men together, as they are not just together as a result of their commonalities in their achievement of wealth.


  1. The three musketeers above have all publicly stated that they care about the down trodden and the problems faced by the oppressed as a result of the Jagdeo Administration. They use this mantra to maintain their opulent lifestyle. Freddie for all of his lack of wealth which he so often mentions has a house that is beyond the means of an ordinary man, Benschop's vehicle is a gas drinker. Against in order for them to see development, Freddie would like to own a palace like of the Arab Sheiks and perhaps Benschop wants a luxury yacht

  2. Wrong! Benschop does not own anything. Everything belongs to the US and Canadian Govts.

  3. Freddie Kissoon, Adam Harris and Dale Andrews are all blood suckers working for cocaine king, Glen Lall.
    Freddie should tell us about his activities at UG, where he gets sex from girls and giving them good grades.